Rare Hasina-Khaleda interaction in JS

Parliament on Saturday witnessed a rare ‘quick action and reaction’ between Leader of the House and Leader of the Opposition over an article in the Washington Times, reportedly written by Khaleda Zia.The opposition leader in her speech during general discussion on the budget said the article that contains an appeal to the US government for canceling Bangladesh’s GSP facility “was not written by me and I have the proof in this regard.”
At this stage, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina smilingly waved a paper-cutting of the article that was published in the Washington Times.
Khaleda Zia immediatedly responded, saying “I did not write that, it was not my article,”
Again showing the paper-cutting of the article, Hasina said opposition leader Khaleda Zia’s name was stated there. The treasury bench lawmakers were seen thumping their desks.
“There is no question about it, I am not the author of that article,”
said Khaleda, as the opposition MPs thumped their desks. She also said that she will show the proof in due time in favor of her claim. (Source: UNB)

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