Rathajatra begins in Rajshahi, Barisal

The Rathajatra of Shree Shree Janagannath Deb, a traditional religious
festival of the Hindu community, was held amid festivity and
enthusiasm in Rajshahi on Wednesday.
Hundreds of Hindu devotees observed the day by bringing out Ratha
rallies in the city.
The colourful Ratha rally was brought out from Ratha Bari at Ghoramara
in the city. Another rally was brought out from Dharmasabha of Mia
Para in the afternoon.
Both the rallies ended at Alupatti crossing after parading different
streets of the city.
Besides, a Ratha Fair was also organised at Alupotti Sagarpara area to
Dosar Mondol crossing area in the city where different types of
traditional food items, toys, kitchenware, wooden tools, utensils and
furniture were exhibited and sold.
Every year hundreds of devotees from Hindu community observe the day
which starts from the 6th day of Bangla month of Ashar.  Hundreds of
people of Hindu community bring out procession of Rathajatra Utsav on
city roads on Wednesday afternoon calling for unity, harmony, peaceful
coexistence of all communities.
In Barisal, the devotees on this occasion pulled the rope of Lord
Krishna’s chariot and distributed Prasad, the food offered to a
deity). On this occasion two separate colourful processions were
brought out from Jagannath Dev Temple at city center and another from
Antorjatik Krishna Bhabonamrita Sangho (International Society for
Krishna Consciousness / ISKCON) from Sangkar Math.
Rakhal Chandra Dey, former district president, president Dharma
Rakkhini Sava inaugurated both of the processions.  The processions of
Jagannath Dev Temple ended at Dhamarakkhini Shava and of ISKCON at
Shankar Math of the city after going around different city roads.
On this occasion discussion meetings were held before starting the
procession adwelling on the history, tradition, significance, myths
and merits of Rathjatra festival.
Advocate Dilip Ghosh, Swapan Kumar Datta, district and city presidents
of the Puja Udjapon Committee, Addhkhya Bijitatmananda, head of
Ramakrishna Mission Barisal, Durlav Das of ISKCON, addressed the
Dancing and singing participants of the programmes also attended a
discussion programme on life and work of Lord Krishna at
Dharmarakkhini Shava in the evening.
They hoped that the Rathjatra will play a significant role in building
unity and communal harmony among the followers of different faiths in
the country and the festival would promote mutual trust and bond among
all communities.
Ulto Rath Jatra (the return of chariot) festival would be held on July
18 before full moon. Tight security measures habe been taken by the
law enforcers. -Our Correspondent

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