Registration for Samsung’s own devcon is now open

Casey JohnstonRegistration for the Samsung Developer Conference opens Monday, according to a press release from the company. The devcon, announced back in July, will cover many aspects of Samsung’s mobile platform as well as its smart TVs and enterprise offerings.Samsung states that developers will see “new” Samsung SDKs that will have additional features, and can get information on how to develop for the S Pen included with the larger varieties of Samsung’s mobile devices. APIs covered will include those for TouchWiz add-ons to the stock Android distribution, like ChatOn, Group Play, Samsung AdHub, and Context Aware.
In addition to TouchWiz, Samsung will also cover best practices for developing apps for its smart TV platform, as well as B2B sessions for features like Knox and the Enterprise SDK. A total of 40 sessions will be held over the three days covered by the conference. Samsung makes no mention of whether its own OS, Tizen, will be covered in any of them.
Tickets to Samsung’s devcon are priced at $299 and can be purchased through the devcon site. The event will be held from October 27-29 at the St. Francis Hotel in San Francisco. – Google News