Restore CG to ‘avoid back-door escape,’ say BNP MPs

Two opposition lawmakers in Parliament on Tuesday demanded restoration of caretaker government to hold the next national elections, otherwise they warned the government will have to flee through the back door in the face of public wrath.“Restore the caretaker government. Otherwise, the government will have to flee through the back door in the face of public wrath,” BNP lawmaker Joynal Abdin (Feni-2), said while taking part in the discussion on the proposed national budget for next fiscal.
Another BNP lawmaker, M Amzad Hossain (Meherpur-2) also advocated for the caretaker government system for holding credible national polls.
Taking part in the budget discussion, he said: “We heard the words – caretaker government – from Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.”
He said Awami League enforced 173 hartals demanding caretaker government. “Why do you fear the caretaker government today?”
Turning to the proposed budget, Amzad Hossain said the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and domestic investment dropped by 70 percent and 50 percent respectively in the country.
“There’s no direction in the proposed budget. Both the FDI and domestic investment dropped significantly,” he said.
On the other hand, Joynal Abdin alleged that corruption engulfed every sector in the country and there is no significant development in the major sectors. “Tk 650 crore has been spent in vain as the DEMU train brought sufferings for the passengers instead of comfort.”
He said there is still economic discrimination and the government has taken a one-eyed policy.
The BNP MP also criticized the government for ‘massive irregularities and corruption’ in the Padma Bridge project, for Hall-Mark financial scam and capital market manipulation.
Criticizing the proposed budget for next fiscal, Joynal Abdin said: “This budget is totally rubbish and bogus.” (Source: UNB)

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