Rohingya refugees stranded despite high-level visits, talks

Dhaka, Aug 27 – Bangladesh Human Right Commission ((NHRC)) on Monday said despite Bangladesh’s desperate diplomatic attempts, the repatriation process of over a million Rohingya refugees remain stranded in some high-level diplomatic visits and talks, without any actual repatriation.During a press briefing held at the NHRC headquarter in the capital, the Commission Chief Kazi Reazul Haque told the media that though a pact was signed for Rohingya repatriation, Myanmar authorities didn’t keep their end of the bargain, making this a futile attempt to solve the problem.
“Bangladesh should push harder in their diplomatic endeavor and look for exerting international pressure on Myanmar through the world leaders,” said Haque adding: the united nation (UN) should help facilitating a supervised buffer zone to make sure a safe return of the Rohingya refugees.
‘Myanmar State Councilor Aung San Suu Kyi spoke in Singapore a few days ago. Her speech is disappointing. She imposed all the guilt on Bangladesh. In this regard about her speech no action was taken from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bangladesh, said Haque adding that No UN member states came forward to return Rohingyas. Even world leaders have failed to send the Rohingyas back to Myanmar.
Kazi Riazul Haque also mentioned that “an agreement was needed to repartition of Rohingyas, so the agreement was made. But we are frustrated by the implementation of this agreement. I do not know how well the government ministry is working to implement the agreement. However, UN did not do their job properly”.
“We send a letter to Myanmar human rights commission in September last year about the torture of Rohingya by the Myanmar military. After 15-20 days, they answered the letter. Their answer seemed positive to us. However, a few days later, they gave a statement on their website that they will not take any responsibility for Myanmar’s militants as they called the Rohingyas, said the NHRC chief.
The human rights commission also sought punishment for the members of Myanmar army who were responsible for the killing, rape and human rights violations against the Rohingya people.
UN is responsible for ensuring the punishment of those responsible, the commission said.
NHRC also recommended Bangladesh government to take a tougher stance for quick repatriation of Rohingya refugees. And from Myanmar’s side, NHRC sought the country to ensure citizenship, dignity and human rights of all Rohingya returnees.
Earlier on September last year the NHRC commission placed 7-point recommendations where they mentioned about these steps including stopping the atrocities on Rohingyas by the Myanmar government, creating a buffer zone for the Rohingyas in Myanmar under supervision of the United Nations, taking initiatives for bilateral talks between Bangladesh and Myanmar under UN mediation, helping Bangladesh by international community to ensure basic human rights for Rohingyas living in Bangladesh, giving Myanmar nationality to the Rohingyas by implementing Kofi Annan Commission Report fully.
It also urged for implementation of the five-point recommendation placed by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina during the 72nd General Assembly of United Nations on September 21, 2017.
August 25 marked the first anniversary of the launching of crackdown by Myanmar’s military on Rohingyas in Rakhine State driving more than 700,000 Rohingya refugees into Bangladesh.
However, more than 11 lakh Royingyas are now staying in Bangladesh among them 4 lakh came in 1991. – Staff Reporter