SC Bar president asks for meaningful pol compromise

President of the Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) Khandaker Mahbub Hossain on Thursday urged the government to reach a meaningful compromise with the demonstrating parties to overcome the current ‘critical situation’.
“The only way to resolve the ongoing political crisis is to arrange a credible election with the participation of all,” he said.
Mahbub, also a member of BNP chairperson’s advisory council, made the call while addressing a press conference at SCBA auditorium.
He said that the government has grabbed the state power through a ‘voter-less’ and farcical election in the name of protecting the Constitution.“Now the government is pushing the country towards destruction showing its arrogant attitude only to hang onto power at any cost.”
The SCBA leader warned that the government will have to pay a heavy political price if it does not change its rigid stance.
Mahbub said the leaders and activists of the 20-party together with people are carrying out the movement braving repressive acts and threats by the government responding to BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia’s call for realising people’s voting right.
Claiming that capital Dhaka has got isolated from other parts of the country, he said the movement will continue until the fall of this regime through holding an acceptable election.
“The people of Bangladesh have shown their no-confidence in the government responding to her (Khaleda’s) call. No unpopular government could cling to power in the past by snatching people’s democratic rights and ignoring their opinions. This government won’t be able to do so as well,” the SCBA president observed.
He alleged that the public life and property are now at stake due to the ‘terror activities carried out by the government’. – UNB