Senior business leaders for dialogue to end crises

Senior business leaders have called for an immediate dialogue among the major political parties to resolve the ongoing political crisis in the interest of the country’s economic development and to save lives and properties of the people.The business leaders were Amzad Khan Chowdhury, Asif Ibrahim, Salman F Rahman and Anwar-Ul-Alam Chowdhury Parvez, former Presidents of Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MCCI), Dhaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI), Federation of Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FBCCI) and Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Export Association (BGMEA) respectively.
The business leaders said, clashes between the law enforcers and the opposition activists were not only claiming lives of the people, but also affecting the country’s economic progress.
They said, the business community never supports any kind of destructive politics, which causes loss of life and property, destroy economy and tarnish the image of the country abroad. In this backdrop, the politicians must
come forward to resolve the ongoing political deadlock, they added.
Since the people have given them the responsibility to maintain peace and stability in the country, and to do welfare of the people, they should not sit idle. They should hold dialogue in order to find out a solution, the business leaders said.
“Ongoing political turmoil has serious impact on the economy as production, distribution and sales all are disrupting from the repeated showdown enforced by the opposition parties,” Amzad Khan Chowdhury, former MCCI president, told The New Nation yesterday.
He added, “The business community never supports such kind of destructive politics which causes loss of life and property and tarnish image of the country abroad.”
“They should take the initiative but not the business community,” said former MCCI leader, adding, ‘politicians must come forward immediately to unite the people for the sake of the country.’
Asif Ibrahim, former DCCI president said, political stability is a must to maintain economic growth and prosperity of a country. “The country has huge economic potential. But the political instability is undermining the economic prospect of the country,” he added.
Expressing grave concerns over the deadly clashes between the cops and political activists, he urged the government for holding dialogue with other major parties considering the interest of the country.
“The path of dialogue is the best and only way to reach consensus and achieve the interests of the nation, citizens and economy,” he said.
Former FBCCI president Salman F Rahman said, “Dialogue is a must to resolve the ongoing crisis and we want to see sensible role from the politicians.”
He also said that business community expects peaceful solution in all the national issues through dialogue.
Salman F Rahman urged the incumbent FBBCI office bearers to take the initiative of holding dialogue between the major parties for the interest of the country.
“We expect peace and stability within the country,” he said, adding that we do not want to see violence anymore.
Echoing the same view, former president of Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA) Anwar-Ul-Alam Chowdhury Parvez said, the political leaders should not allow violence any more and they should act immediately to rein in the situation.
The leaders of the major political parties must take the lead immediately considering interest of the country. “We cannot expect such bloody violence in the streets which can take a ‘disastrous’ impact on the economy,” he feared.
“Both the ruling and opposition parties are liable to safeguarding the nation’s interest, peace, security and lives of the people,” Parvez said adding dialogue between the major parties can ensure the path of democracy and bring together all factions in the country.”
(Source: News Nation)

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