Special security measures for Sylhet city polls

Special security measures have been taken in the city to ensure peaceful holding of free, fair and transparent election to the Sylhet
City Corporation (SCC). A total of 4,000 law enforcers will remain deployed in and around the
polling stations and other places of the city on the election day.
At least 27 mobile teams of police, Border Guard Bangladesh, Armed
Police Battalion (APBn) and Rapid Action Battalion will perform
security duty in the city.
Two police teams will also be on patrol in the Surma River.
Some 22 executive magistrates will be on election duty that day.
Sylhet Metropolitan Police (SMP) sources said check posts have been
set up at 10 points towards the city entrances to ensure security so
that no outsiders can disturb the election environment.
SMP Commissioner Nibas Chondro Maji said the law and order situation
in the city is good enough, yet the city entrances are very risky.
Police have been kept on high alert to stop entry of terrorists from
outside, he added.
BNP-backed and Nagarik Forum nominated mayor candidate Ariful Haque
Chowdhury demanded deployment of army on the election day for fair
The SMP commissioner, however, said the city’s law and order situation
is quite normal so there is no need for deployment of army for the
The SMP commissioner said there are 2,72,006 voters and 127 polling
centers in the SCC area.
Of the polling centres, 54 are risky and important while the rest 73
centers are normal.
At least 27 mobile teams of police will be discharging security duty
for whole the day.
Each team consisting of 7 police members will work for three centers
while there will be also 22 striking forces of APBN, nine striking
teams of BGB and nine of police.
Some 22 magistrates will work with the police. Two teams of police
will patrol the river ways.
Several control rooms will be opened at the offices of the returning
officer and SMP on the election day.
The SMP commissioner further said there will be need of total 2,215
police personnel for the election duty. Addition police will be
brought from several districts.
(Our Correspondent)

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