Strengthen moral education to prevent repression on women

Ulema of Islamic parties at a roundtable in Dhaka on Sunday called for strengthening moral education and the religious institutions and leaders to help develop social resistance against repression on women in the country.

They also demanded the introduction of punishment of rape and repression on women as per the Islamic jurisprudence to effectively deal with such crimes. The programme was held at the VIP Lounge of the National Press Club.
Moulana Zafarullah Khan, secretary general, Islamic Parties conducted the roundtable presived over by Moulana Abu Taher Jihadi Al-Quasemi. Shaikh Sayyed Moulana Kamaluddin Zafori, Chairman, Bangladesh, Islami University, was the keynote speaker.
Dr. AFM Khalid Hossain, retired Professor of Omar Ghani MES Degree College, Chittagong, presented the keynote paper at the programme which was addressed by more than 25 ulema representing different Islamic organisations.
They included Hafez Moulana Abu Bakar Siddiq, Khulna; Moulana Badiur Rahman Madani, Moulana Mohiuddin Rabbani, president, Aimmah Parishad; Dr. Mufti Khalilur Rahman Madani, coordinator, Islamic Parties; Moulana Firoji, President, Jatiya Imam Samity, Moulana Ahmod Ali Kasemi, president, Islamic Parties, Dhaka City; Moulana Arif Billah Siddiqui, Chhoto Pir Saheb Sarsina; Moulana Abdul Momin Nasiri, Pir Shaheb Mirrersarai; Moulana Quamrul Islam Sayeed Ansari, Pir Saheb Tekerhat; Mufti Moulana Fakhrul Islam, central publicity secretary and Amir, Janaseba Andolan; Moulana Nurul Amin, central leaders, Islamic Parties; Moulana Fakhruddin Ahmad, central leader, Islamic Parties; Mostafa Kamal Majumder, editor, GreenWatch Dhaka; Moulana Shawkat Amin, central leader, Nezame Islam Party; Haji Shamsul Huq, president, Khatme Nabuwat Andolan; Moulana Abdur Rob Yousufi, vice-president, Jamiyate Ulamaye Islam Bangladesh; Moulana Mostafa Tariqul Hasan, secretary general, Islami Oikya Andolan; Advocate Khairul Ahsan, united Islami Oikya Jote; Moulana Quamrul Islam, president, Barisal Ulama Mashayek; Moulana Habibur Rahman, central leader, Islamic Parties; Principal Moulana Mosharraf Hossain and Moulana Quamrul Hasan Shaheen, central lesder Islamic Parties; Moulana Mahmudul Hasan; Amir Ali Hawladar, vice-president, Sramik Majlis; Moulana Abul Kashem Kashemi, Nayebe Amir, Khelafat Andolan; Moulana Yameen Hossain Azmi, secretary general Janaseba Andolan; Moulana Belayet Hossain Firoji, executive president, Jatiya Imam Parishad; Nasiruddin Helali, senior vice-president Islami Oikya Jote; Zahirul Islami zakeri, Shaikh Jamaluddin and Saleh Siddiqui among others.
The speakers called for free functioning of all religious institutions that have successfully given services to the Bangladesh society for decades for helping strengthen the moral bond of the society against degradation.