Student kills teacher

A school teacher was stabbed to death in Keraniganj when he tried stopping a student from cheating during the ongoing SSC examination, police say.

Mostofa Bhuiyan, 35, an English teacher at the Chunkutia Girls’ High School, was killed by the student ‘Riad’ at his rented residence.

The school’s Assistant Headmistress Roksana Begum told that ‘Riad’ had asked Bhuiyan to come to the veranda of his rented residence around 7:30am on Monday when he was tutoring several students.

“His students found him lying on the floor with a knife sticking on his back,” she said.

Locals rushed Bhuiyan to Mitford Hospital where doctors declared him dead.

Quoting the school’s Headmaster KM Ilias Uddin, South Keraniganj police SI Shah Alam told that SSC candidate ‘Riad’ might have murdered Bhuiyan because the teacher had stopped him from adopting unfair means during the examinations.

Riad, son of Ibrahim Member, hails from Charkaliganj.

Bhuiyan’s mother and brother rushed to the hospital from Narayanganj hearing the news. His younger brother, Deen Mohammad, said Bhuiyan was the only earning member of the family.

Meanwhile, students of the school have taken to the streets protesting the murder around noon, blocking the Chunkutia

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