Take lesson from history of dire consequences: Bnp

BNP joint secretary general Salahuddin Ahmed yesterday asked Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina to take lesson from the history analysing the reasons behind the “dire consequences” the first AL government had met.
In a statement he demanded of the government to quit and hold an inclusive election under a non-party caretaker government.
The BNP spokesperson accused the government of carrying out a pernicious campaign to brand the people’s ‘legitimate and democratic movement’ as a terror and militant act.
He said that deception of ruling Awami League to get sympathy from the international community using the screams of petrol-bomb victims has been exposed earlier.”The BNP leader warned that the heinous plot to malign the “20-party’s ongoing peaceful” movement by carrying out propaganda against it through some partisan media will not be successful.
“We want to make it clear that we repeatedly presented information and documents before the nation about the involvement of the ruling party leaders and activists in dreadful act of petrol bomb attacks,” he said.
Salahuddin also alleged having failed to suppress people’s democratic movement the government is now trying to cling to power by misleading people, using and controlling the media.
He called upon the government to stop mass killing and warned that those involved in the extrajudicial killings will be tried after the change of power. – Staff Reporter