Tariq Anam-Prova in mini-screen unequal love

Renowned theatre, TV and film actor and director Tariq Anam Khan has already performed with Richi Solaiman, Aupee Karim and Bhabna in case of unequal love in the small screen.With its continuation, popular TV actress and model Sadia Jahan Prova has performed with Tariq Anam Khan in an unequal relationship in a TV play.
She has performed with him in a faction play titled “Wheel Chair-er Joddha,” which was directed and scripted by Raihan Khan.
Shooting of this play was held at a shooting house in the city’s Uttara area on June 23 and 24.
In the play, Tariq Anam performed in role of Rashed Zaman, while Prova acted in role of Juha.
To call poet Sohel Ahsan, Juha (Prova) called on Rashed Zaman (Tariq Anam) over telephone in the story of the play.
With this cross connection, Juha started to talk to Rashed Zaman instead of Sohel Ahsan. As a result, a soft emotional feeling was being developed between them.
When Juha wanted to meet Rashed Zaman, problem began. Then climax starts in the story of the play.
While sharing his feelings about the play Tariq Anam Khan told this correspondent, “Story of this play is really nice. At present, it is seen that most of the performers have less patience while performing in the play.
If they have necessary patience, they can become reputed performers. Prova has positive attitude and she always want to learn from the senior artistes. This kind of approach can help her to success in the long run in media.”
While talking about Tariq Anam Khan and this play Prova said, “Tariq Anam uncle is really a renowned actor. I have brought up to watch his acting.
It’s my great opportunity to perform against him. It’s really my pleasure. He is a cooperative person. I feel proud to perform against him.”
It may be mentioned that Tariq Anam Khan has already finished works for Eid play “Bhuter Chhana,” directed by Animesh Aich.
Therefore, he will also performed in Salauddin Lavlu’s play “For the People” and Golam Sohrab Dodul’s “Theme Music.” After Eid festival, he will again engage himself to make drama serial, said Tariq Anam.
On the other hand, Prova has completed works of Eid faction play “Shokh,” directed by Salauddin Lavlu. Therefore, Prova acted dram serials and plays “Flashback,” “Aporajita,” “Kobuliyotnama,” “Aghoton Ghotonpotiyoshi” and “Ghomta” are being aired in different satellite channels now.
(Source: Agencies)

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