The dead are ‘heroes’, the injured ‘ffs of generation’: Bnp

BNP joint secretary Salahuddin Ahmed in a statement yesterday announced that those who are being maimed by the hands of “government forces” during the ongoing “mass movement” will be honoured as “freedom fighters of this generation” once they come in power.
Besides, the party will also honour those as “national hero” who are being killed in the hands of government forces.
“We are announcing today–family members and wards of the dead will be given due compensation and will be rehabilitated as well. And those are being maimed by different attacks will be given due compensation and will be rehabilitated. All of them will be acknowledged as the freedom fighters of this generation,” the statement said.Salahuddin said the government has failed to get sympathy and recognition from the international community and claimed that the fall of the administration is now eminent and only a “matter of time.”
“The current illegal government which begged door to door of the international community with a hope to get recognition and sympathy has finally been refused and now awaits a serious fall.”
He alleged that the government has failed to brand the current political crisis created by a controversial, voter-less and facial election as a militancy-related problem to the international community.
“Now they’ve indulged in a serious carnage.” The BNP leader said the law enforcers cooked up a crossfire story after killing student leader Tipu and Jasas leader Kabir Hossain in a cool blood at Agoirjhola in Barisal. He strongly condemned the protested such killings.
Salahuddin waned that those responsible for the killing will be tried in proper courts, including the international crimes tribunal, after change of power. – Staff Reporter