Two Bangladeshis to compete in ‘lronman Malaysia 2019’

Dhaka, Oct 19 (UNB) – Mohammad Shamsuzzaman Arafat and Mahbubur Rahman are going to take part in the ‘lronman Malaysia 2019’ scheduled for October 26 in Langkawi.

“Mahbub has already left Dhaka and I’ll go to Malaysia on October 21. Competitors from 80 countries will take part in the event this year,” Arafat told a media briefing at Jatiya Press Club on Saturday.

Three Bangladeshis participated in last year’s competition.

It took him 12:43:17 seconds to achieve Ironman Malaysia in 2017. Arafat said he intends to finish all phases within 12 hours.

Swimming for 3.8km, cycling for 185km and finally, running a full marathon for around 42km were what entailed to be completed in 15 hours for a triathlon athlete to be titled as Ironman in the Ironman European Championship Frankfurt 2019.

Arafat finished it in 12:14:43 seconds to achieve the Ironman title for the second time.

During his stay in Malaysia, he will assist in fundraising activities for children with special needs.

At meet the press event, Arafat said children with special needs can be an asset to society. “With special care and training, they too can contribute to the development of the nation,” he said.

Lamia Dewan of Brac Education Program said BRAC has 11 neurodevelopmental disability centres across the country. “In addition to formal education, these children are provided with special training to develop their skills,” she said.

Shehrin Ahsan of Advocacy for Social Change Program said they are in discussion with public and private organisations for transforming workplaces into more inclusive for people with special needs.

Arafat said he had visited Brac’s Neurodevelopmental Disability Centre in Gazipur. “After spending time with 35 children with special needs, I’ve realised that there is a lot to be done from our end for the welfare of these angels,” he said.