‘Two Strangers vs Oleander Flower’ staged at AF Dhaka

Dhaka, Oct 12 – Stage Performance: “Two Strangers vs Oleander Flower” on Friday, 12 October at 8.30 pm at Forecourt, Alliance Française de Dhaka Produced by Space and Acting Research Centre Created by Ashish Khondker ‘The story begins on a timeless surface. The two strangers have been travelling and crossing this surface, living a life of the road. Both are, in their own enigmatic ways, exploring the earth as well as the nature of law and order. The two strangers are bound by a set of mysterious rules that they cannot get rid of. Then the man with no name tells them that their father has disappeared. Are the two strangers brothers? Nevertheless, many years have passed and the two strangers have crossed the earthly limits of time and space. Their hurdles are too many, their lives are on the brink of non-existence, and their eyes are only able to see everything in grey. There is no going back! Who knew there is an all-seeing magic mirror chasing and sabotaging their destiny….’ Space and Acting Research Centre, spearheaded by thespian Ashish Khondker, has successfully organised ‘Two Strangers vs Oleander Flower’, a theatrical production, in Bangla, on 12 October 2018 at Forecourt, Alliance Française, Dhaka Dhanmondi.