V-MORE Xpress powered by ToroV in Southeast Asia launched

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam – Media OutReach – 23 July 2019 – V-MORE, the Singapore-based e-commerce supply chain management platform, continues its relentless expansion in Southeast Asia. Noble Vici Group (NVG) has collaborated with KOOTORO VIETNAM, a leading provider of vending machine services in Vietnam. Together V-MORE Xpress was launched. Vietnam is rapidly growing at its own pace and is one of the strongest emerging markets with 6-7% economic growth.At the launch of V-MORE Xpress, guests and the Vietnamese community were treated to feel the uniqueness of the vending system. Moreover, V-MORE Xpress also offers the easiest payment through e-Wallet to facilitate and simplify the public and V-MORE users’ experience in making transactions; enabling users to seamlessly select, buy and pay for beverages and a whole array of fresh cut fruits, pre-cooked fresh or instant food with cash, digital payment with their e-Wallet or V-MORE redemption points.
V-MORE Xpress revolutionizes the experience of lifestyle dining and vending bistro in Southeast Asia, using the next-generation vending machine equipped with smart technology. New urban lifestyle with V-MORE Xpress presents opportunities to redefine casual dining and face-to-face social interaction by combining self-service vending machine with a relaxed bistro. Smart technology enables hassle-free, convenient, secured cashless payment with user profiling, allowing V-MORE to accelerate O2O commerce by understanding behaviours in both online and offline commerce environment. Linking offline and online represents the final frontier in retail commerce.
“We continue our expansion with focus on distinct innovation in business models and now, we are developing the most unique concept in shopping using the vending system, to promote self-service vending bistro and increasing the V-MORE user base. Bringing even the unbanked people closer to e-commerce,” said Sir Eldee Tang, CEO and Founder of Noble Vici Group.
Furthermore, he explained, “Vending bistro is different from simply deploying a food vending machine, it offers a lifestyle that binds together convenience with casual dining. Our vending bistro offers a more intimate atmosphere with clean, stylish setup design to enhance your dining experience with the added convenience of seamless end-to-end selection and payment. Making a transaction is quick and hassle-free with no queues, and the best part is the bistro atmosphere that you can enjoy your dining.”
“There is no doubt that the warm, sociable and relationship oriented culture of the people here in Vietnam, who like to gather and spend time together creates a synergistic opportunity that a vending bistro can fill by providing a relaxing, casual, yet space for people to spend time together,” said Huan Nguyen, CEO of KOOTORO VIETNAM.
(V-MORE Xpress is a joint partnership between Noble Vici Group and KOOTORO VIETNAM.
Kootoro Company was established in the US in 2013 and launched in Vietnam 2 years later.)