Grand rally at Shahbagh Friday

People of all walks of life will stage a grand rally at Shahbagh Square at 3:00pm Friday to press home their demand of death penalty of Jamaat leader Quader Mollah for his involvement in crimes against humanity during liberation war in 1971.

The leaders of the organizers made the announcement on Wednesday evening. “It is expected that some 10 lakh people will join in the mass rally,” said a competent source from the organizer.

Shahbagh Square has become a human sea as sit-in gained momentum with the spontaneous participation of thousands of people from Tuesday.

Thousands of people under the banner of ‘Bloggers and Online Activist Network’ began their demonstration Tuesday demanding capital punishment to all war criminals including Jamaat assistant secretary general Abdul Quader Mollah.

The International Crimes Tribunal-2 Awarded Abdul Quader Mollah with lifetime imprison for his involvement in crimes against

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