22 arrested for sabotage in Sunamganj

Police have arrested 22 persons including a BNP activist for carrying out subversive activities in Sunamganj during the ongoing blockade enforced by the BNP-led 20-party alliance.Police Super Md Harun-or-Rashid said they were arrested in drives from Tuesday night till Wednesday morning.He said police would continue the drive in order to control the law and order situation.The BNP-led 20-party alliance has been observing countrywide roads and waterways blockade for indefinite period since January 5.Blockade-related violence has killed at least 35 people over the last few weeks.Hundreds of vehicles, including those belonging to law-enforcers, were burnt and attacked.The BNP chairperson called the non-stop blockade on January 5 after she was barred from coming out of her Gulshan office.Sylhet Correspondent