Barbed wire fence to protect Khaleda from public wrath: Hasina

Blasting BNP chairperson Begum Khaleda Zia for enforcing hartal and blockade by holding the country’s people to hostage, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina today branded the BNP chief as a “killer”,not a political leader.
“Khaleda Zia is not a leader of the people, she is a killer and a leader of the militants. She is not doing politics, rather she is committing banditry and militant acts. She is the mother of Bangla Bhai as she has created this notorious militant leader,” Sheikh Hasina said on a supplementary from Jatiya Party lawmaker Tazul Islam Chowdhury in the House.During her question answer session, the Prime Minister also said that Khaleda Zia is interested only to kill people and she wants to capture power by walking over the dead bodies.
“The political parties involved in arson and subversive acts have no right to do politics. If the people want, their right to do politics can be prohibited,”she said adding, these quarters want to establish a reign of killing and destroy everything.” Peoples’ life and livelihood are in danger. What type of politics they are doing? They have no right to do politics, she said.
Referring to erection of barbed wire fence around the political office of Khaleda Zia, the Leader of the House said the BNP chief has erected barbed wire fence to protect herself from the wrath of the people.
She said the people are now out of tolerance as they have lost their patience due to the continued subversive acts in the name of hartal and blockade in the country. “They can attack Begum Zia any time,” she said adding that Begum Zia by realising it has raised barbed wire fence to protect herself from the fury of the people.
Sheikh Hasina said it is the responsibility of the government to protect the life and property of the people. “We are monitoring the subversive acts of the BNP-Jamaat extensively,” she said.
Sounding a strong warning against the saboteurs, the Prime Minister said her government would be tougher to see an immediate end to the subversive acts in the country. “I want to tell in a clear term stop these subversive acts,otherwise the people would give a befitting reply,” she said. – BSS