Bd Election Commission warns its officials against bias

Election Commissioner Shahdat Hossain Chowdhury on Saturday warned the election officials of stern action if any allegation of biasness is found against them during the forthcoming national election.

“Neutrality is very important for all elections including this one,” said Shahadat Hossain while speaking at a training progamme at Nirbachan Trainning Bhaban at Agargaon.

He said, “We want you to maintain neutrality irrespective of party and opinions. If there is any allegation is brought or question is raised about your neutral role, the Election Commission will take action. If allegation is proved true in investigation, strict action would be taken.”

“No one will be spared in question of maintaining neutrality,” said Shahadat Hossain.“As this election will be a participatory one, so it will be competitive too. To make this participatory election fair, you have to ensure that every candidate gets equal opportunity,” he added.

He requested the election officials to perform their duty in election with neutrality and professionalism by taking training properly.Mentioning that the Election Commission is committed to hold a free, fair and acceptable election, he said,

“The current EC is committed do everything necessary to make the election fair, neutral and acceptable. It is essential to hold a fair election for the future of the country. People expect that the government can be formed through a free and fair election which will lead the country forward.”

source: UNB