Bnp standing committee for intensifying movement

The National Standing Committee of BNP, the highest policy making body of the party on Tuesday urged the country people to intensify their movement to make it a success. It accused the government of being desperate to foil 20-party’s ongoing blockade programme with ‘subversive and terrorist acts.’
“The government has become desperate to foil this peaceful blockade programme. They’ve geared up propaganda alongside resorting to terrorism, and subversive acts and creating sabotage,” the committee said in a statement.Referring to some recent subversive acts, including bomb explosion in front of BNP leaders’ houses and offices at different parts of the country, Awami League’s central office and near the ruling party’s Suhrawardy Udyan rally venue and recovery of arms and bombs from the High Court, the BNP policymakers said the ruling party cadres have carried out those acts to shift the blame onto the opposition.
The statement, signed by BNP vice chairmen Selima Rahman who has been staying with BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia at her office since January 3, was issued at night as the government, they said, confined the BNP chief to her political office.
The BNP policymakers said the current movement is not an agitation of only the BNP or the 20-party alliance. “Instead, it’s the movement of the all people, including democracy-loving parties and forces. The sooner the people will take to the streets together foiling all the conspiracies and braving arms of the arrogant regime, the sooner the victory of people will come.”
They urged people to continue the movement until it derives the desired goals and reaches a logical stage. “The countrywide peaceful blockade will continue until further announcement.”
The BNP top leaders alleged that the law enforcers and ruling party ‘cadres’ are attacking blockaders without any provocation across the country. “They also open fire, lob teargas shells and charge batons. Many leaders and activists who were on the movement have already been killed and many others injured. Mass arrest of our leaders and activists is also going on.”
They said the names of those being killed in this movement for restoring democracy will be written in golden words in history. The BNP standing committee members also assured that the affected families will be rehabilitated once democracy is restored. – UNB