Bnp threatens non-cooperation movement against killing

The BNP-led 20-party alliance yesterday warned that the people would be forced to resort to civil disobedience and non-cooperation movement against the government soon, said BNP joint secretary general Salahuddin Ahmed in a statement.
“The illegal and unelected Awami League government has kept Bangladesh under siege through severe misuse of state power. The people would soon be compelled to start disobedience and non-cooperation movement against the white terror of the illegal government,” he said.Salahuddin Ahmed alleged that the government wanted to elongate its grip on power by terrorising the people through killing and torture. Through indiscriminate killing, abduction and enforced disappearance of people including leaders and activists of the opposition political parties it was only narrowing the route to safe landing.
The BNP leader accused the AL leaders of giving announcement of killing opposition leaders and activists in encounter and crossfire and senior officials of law enforcing agencies of taking credit of killing people in such events.
He warned that such open announcement of human rights violations was the work of perverted brains and carried risks of reprisals. These would be brought to justice at the national and international criminal courts in the coming days.
Salahuddin Ahmed said that the parents, pregnant wife and mother-in-law of Nuruzzaman Jhony who was killed in crossfire have also been arrested along with Chhatra Dal leader Nishita when they went to see Khaleda Zia on Friday. Condemning the arrests he demanded an unconditional release of the kith and kin of slain Jhony. – Staff Reporter