Khaleda’s office sans food supply for third day, visitors refused

Police continued to bar food supplies for leaders of BNP and staffs of Khaleda Zia’s Gulshan office for the third consecutive day yesterday.
Almost all staffs and BNP leaders were living on dry foods, said Shyrul Kabir Khan, a member of Bnp chairperson’s media wing and who has also been staying inside the office.
Meanwhile, police prevented Nasrin Siddiqui leading an 11-member delegation of Krishak Srmik Janata League from entering the Khaleda Zia’s Gulshan office to visit her Friday evening.They left after waiting outside the entrance of the office for sometime pursuing police in vain to allow them go inside.
Earlier on Thursday police disallowed a group of journalists leaders and family members of Chhatra Dal leader Nuruzzaman Jony who was killed in a crossfire in January.
Shyrul said Gulshan thana police barred breakfast, lunch and dinner carried in rickshaw-vans from entering the office on Thursday.
“We have no alternative but to eat dry food like dates, bread and puffed rice as police is also not allowing them to come out of the office to buy food from outside,” he said. Gulshan police rejected all such allegations as they did on previous two days.
Food for Khaleda Zia supplied from party’s Vice-Chairman Selima Rahman’s residence was however allowed to be taken to the office.
Cable, internet and land phone connections at Khaleda’s office still remained snapped, staffs of Gulshan office said.
Khaleda Zia has been staying at her Gulshan office since January 3 and announced countrywide blockade programme from January 6.
More than 50 people, including vice chairman Selima Rahman, Mohila Dal Secretary Shirin Sultana, Khaleda’s adviser MA Quiyum, her security chief Col (retd) MA Majid have been staying at the office since the date. – Staff Reporter