BNP to join JS budget session

BNP Standing Committee member Barrister Moudud Ahmed on Friday said the opposition is going to join the upcoming budget session of parliament. “We’ll surely join parliament for the sake of the country’s welfare and its people and in our own interest, but it’ll depend on the ruling party’s attitude how many days we’ll be there in the House,’’ he said.
Moudud came up with the disclosure while addressing a rally of youths at the National Press Club.
He alleged that the ruling Awami League has made parliament dysfunctional during their last four and half years’ rule eliminating the scope to speak for people in the House.
Moudud alleged that they were not allowed to speak in parliament though the number of opposition MPs is very small. “Our leaders are maligned there. If such things happen again how we’ll stay there”.
The budget session of parliament will begin on June 3 where Finance Minister AMA Muhith will place his last budget on June 6, as the current regime is going to complete its tenure at the year-end.
Most opposition MPs are likely to lose their memberships in this session as they abstained from Parliament for 82 consecutive days.
According to the rules of procedure, an MP cannot refrain from attending parliament sessions for more than 90 days in a row.
Addressing the programme, Moudud alleged that the government is manifesting its contradictory stance as it was talking about dialogue on one hand and arresting opposition leaders and activists on the other. “The politics of dialogue and violence can’t continue together.”
The former Law Minister said the government has retreated from its earlier point of dialogue. “They (government) had been saying about unconditional talks but now they themselves are saying that the election will be held under a party government… that’s also a condition.”
Mentioning that the government’s offer for dialogue is nothing but eyewash, Moudud said, “The government had talked about dialogue when a UN representative arrived here only to show him…now they are not telling about it. Now they’re telling to speak in parliament whatever you want to tell. So, I want to ask the government shun your self-contradictory nature. Come up for the dialogue call with sincerity and good will.”
Referring to the Prime Minister’s claim that her party has been able to retain its popularity, the BNP leader said if the ruling party is confident about its popularity why it is afraid of holding the next general election under a non-parry administration.
In a views-exchange meeting with the grassroots leaders of Awami League from Netrakona district on Thursday, the Prime Minister said, “Khaleda Zia will not be able to gain the trust of the mass people with her destructive activities. People have reposed their trust in us, we’ve the public support.
Claiming that a huge public perception has been created in favour of the non-party polls-time administration, Moudud said the government will not have any option but to arrange the election under a non-party government, no matter what tactics it applies. Source: UNB

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