BNP welcomes army deployment ahead of polls

BNP on Sunday welcomed the Election Commission’s decision to deploy army from Monday ahead of the general election billed for December 30.

In a statement, BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam said, “I strongly urge the Bangladesh Army to ensure equal opportunities for all political parties and candidates.”“We sincerely believe the deployment of army will help create an atmosphere for a fair and neutral election which has so far been absent,” he added. Fakhrul said they also hope that every member of the army will play an effective role in protecting the interests of people instead of working for any individual or any particular section of people in any way.

“Bangladesh Army has always been dedicated to serving the country and the nation. Their image can’t be dented for protecting any individual’s interest.”On December 13, the Election Commission decided that members of the armed forces will be deployed as the striking force for 10 days from December 24 in the forthcoming national election.

EC officials said over 7 lakh security men alongside the armed forces members will be there in the field on the voting day.Meanwhile, a total of 1,016 platoons of Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) forces were deployed across Bangladesh on December 18 to maintain the law and order.

source: UNB