Charmmonai Pir for participatory polls under caretakers

The Pir Shaheb of Charmonai Mufti Moulana Syed Rezaul Karim on Thursday said that a free and fair election enlisting the participation of all parties is the only solution to the prevailing muddy political atmosphere and said political problem should be solved politically.
Also the Ameer of the Islami Andolan Bangladesh Mufti Syed Rezaul Karim also unfurled the party’s 8-point demand which stand for elections only under non-party caretaker government that makes polls relatively free and fair and said this principal demand of the time and should not be sidetracked by taking plea of the Constitution.

The IAB Ameer was making his presidential address at a huge human chain organised by his party from Gabtali to Jatrabari the press the demand for peace as against conflict. The Pir Shaheb said there is no alternative to dialogue to end the prevailing crisis.
He said that the government and the opposition were doing politics on corpses after burning people. “We as peace loving people cannot accept this, and cannot leave the country to the hands of these bourgeoisie people.
Referring to threats by police or law enforcing agencies to open fire the Pir Shaheb said that people in the administration are not employees of any party, but of the republic. He said that the present political disaster is the outcome of the effort to face the situation in an unjust way instead of taking political initiative.
The unprecedented human chain with people mostly followers of the Pir Shaheb with white flags in hands and while banners carrying messages of shunning violence and conflict for peace lasted an hour.
The human chain was also addressed by member of IAB presidium Syed Mosaddeq Billah Almadani, Allama Nurul Huda Fayezi, IAB secretary general Principal Yunus Ahmed and president of Dhaka city unit Prof ATM Hemayetuddin among others.
The Pir Shaheb deplored that IAB has sought intervention of the President to resolve the political crisis as a guardian of the state but no response was seen. The violent confrontation in power politics was deepening and every day ordinary people are being burnt to death. Security of public life has broken down. People have become captives of power politics. On the other hand extortionists and tender-extortionists have made public life miserable.
The IAB Ameer said that the social welfare minister and the finance minister have made veil and Islami economics targets of their attack. They should be removed from cabinet, he said.
Apart from the demand for free and fair election the 8-point demand of IAB stands for keeping politics free from corruption and terrorism, introduction of proportionate representation in Parliament, rule justice to secure human rights, eradication of corruption by establishing the ideals of Islam and its Prophet (sm), restoration of political and communal harmony among others. – Staff Reporter