Charmonai Pir places 8-point proposal to end pol crisis

The Ameer of Islami Andolan Bangladesh and Pir Shaheb of Charmonai Mufti Syed Rezaul Karim on Monday put forward a 7-point proposal that stands for elections under a non-partisan government, proportional representation and checking of corruption with a view to steering the country out of the prevailing political crisis.
Addressing a press briefing from the Paltan office of Islami Andolan the Pir Shaheb said his party started consulting people from different strata of the society from the day and continue to do so based on the proposal. If the government fails to reach a quick and peaceful settlement of the prevailing crisis, Islami Andolan would announce a new programme through a press conference on January 26 next.Mufti Syed Rezaul Karim said he had called for intervention from the President as the guardian of the state to resolve the prevailing political crisis. Some other noted citizens have also made the same demand. But no step has been taken although the political crisis is deepening further.
The Pir Shaheb said in the fire of violent power politics ordinary people were getting burnt every day. Public safety has broken down, the economy has come to a stand still, toiling people are passing unfed or half-fed, professionals have got divided based on their interests because of tailism of the major parties, officers and employees of the administration are playing party roles forgetting their identity as employees of the state while those in positions of power were using the administration to make their power secure.
Mufti Syed Rezaul Karim said destructive and deadly activities of the parties that want to secure power for life or acquire power by any means have put the country to the brink of destruction. Political crisis centring on election became acute time and again. The 8-point proposal was meant to get clear of this situation, he said.
Apart from election under a non-partisan government and provision for proportional representation to do away with election related violence, the 8-point proposal calls for eradication of corruption, freeing politics from terrorism, rule of justice along with rule of law to ensure human rights, creation of a terror and poverty-free welfare state by establishing the ideal of Prophet (sm), election of honest, qualified and Allah-fearing people who will have responsibility to their own conscience to Parliament, arrangement of inter-party dialogue to restore political and communal harmony by ending the politics of intolerance and violence. – Staff Reporter