Child marriage friendly union declared in Nilphamari

Shimulbari union of Nilphamari under Jaldhaka upozila decreed as child friendly.Member of Parliament professor Golam Mostafa decelerated the announcement at meeting organized by Shimulbari Shikkha Unnayan committee on Monday.Plan International Bangladesh and Dhaka Ahsania Mission assisted to organized the event .Dilip Kumar Bonik , district primary education officer of Nilphmari administrator of Nilphamari addressed in the event. Among of others Dr.Hrishikesh Sarker, Programme Unit Manager of Plan International Bangladesh Nilphamari also address in the occasion. Md.Mominur Rashid Sarker, Chairman of Shimulbari union presided over the programme. Children performed drama and activist NGO’s of the union demonstrated their service through colorful stall.Md Aminur Rahman, secretary of Shimulbari Shikkha Unnayan committee says, all youths, parents and care givers are covered through parenting coverage, all children of specific ages are covered through SBKs, Pre schools and Primary schools. All pregnant mothers and their children are covered through health services; he added.Hundreds of community people took part in the event.