Cos selling 52 listed substandard food products to be sued

Dhaka, May 19 – Bangladesh Food Safety Authority (BFSA) on Sunday declared that they would file cases against the companies selling the listed 52 substandard products in the market.
During a meeting at the Directorate of Consumer Rights Protection’s (DNCRP) Office, the authorities concerned also said that the 52 “substandard” products could not be marketed before the completion of re-tests by the Bangladesh Standard and Testing Institution (BSTI).
Mahbub Kabir, member of the DNCRP told The Independent that the cases will be filed against the company who markets the products under the section-26 of the Food Safety Act 2013.
“We have already sent letters to our Inspectors in this regard,” he said.
A violator of the section-26 of the Act would get at least one year of jail term and a maximum of three years of the jail term. He would also be slapped with a fine of Tk 3 lakh to 6 lakh.
Mahbub Kabir said most of those 52 products have already been removed from the market and they are on the process of removing those from the market in the countryside.
BSTI officials meanwhile say that they have already cancelled licenses of 9 products and suspended licenses of 43 products. The official also said, without the development of the products and without the instruction of BSTI no company can sell these products. If they do, action will be taken against the company.
In this regard, BSTI, BFSA, DNCRP will submit a report on High Court on 23 May.
Earlier, on Saturday The DNCRP has penalised three shops in the capital for selling banned food items. A team of DNCRP led by Deputy Director Monjur Mohammad Shahriar conducted the drive at different
areas in the capital to seize the 52 food items identified as substandard recently by BSTI.
Nasir Store at Karwan Bazar was fined Tk 10,000 for selling the banned Baghabarhi Mistanna Ghee, Jobbar Store and Bismillah Store at New Market Tk 2,000 each for selling Doodley Noodles. – Staff Reporter