Delhi on blasts near vehicle that was to carry HC

New Delhi has said they have no cause for concern over the explosions near Indian High Commissioner Pankaj Saran’s vehicle in Khulna. “Since those explosions, High Commissioner has received a large number of calls conveying concern to him and assuring him that all security will be provided to him and all High Commission officials. So, we have no cause for concern there,” said Syed Akbaruddin, official spokesperson of the Ministry of External Affairs, India on Saturday. The media release on the Ministry website said the High Commission is in touch with Bangladeshi authorities who are investigating the case. “…let us wait for the outcome of those investigations before jumping to any conclusion whether this was even an attack related to the High Commission at all,” it said.
As per their information, the release said, while the High Commissioner was attending a function in Khulna, there were crude bomb explosions approximately 20 meters away from where his car was parked. “As per our information, nobody involved with the High Commission was either injured nor was the car damaged in any form. I may also clarify that this was not the High Commission’s vehicle. This was a local car hired by the High Commission.”
The High Commissioner is now in Jessore visiting the Ramakrishna Mission there and he will fly back to Dhaka as per his pre-scheduled programme, the release added. UNB

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