Despite the Eid vacation kitchen markets are normal

Dhaka, June 22 – After a passage of Eid-ul-Fitr, one of the biggest religious festivals of the Muslims, the capitals’ kitchen market have remained normal. Whatever was available yesterday in kitchen market, despite shortage supplies prices remain unchanged as it was before the Eid. Vendors said that it will take two more days to return kitchen market into normal shape. Most people who are on holiday will return to Dhaka within one or two days. Whole sellers are yet to open their business in Karwan Bazar.
Buyers said that some grocery stores are still closed in the market due to low customer presence. Many of the traders haven’t returned to the capital after Eid holidays,
However, the prices of vegetables were high on Friday. Most vegetables saw an increase Tk. 10 compared to prices before Eid.
One of the buyers told journalists that keeping their business shuttered which is one of the major reasons for rising prices and also lack of supply. Vendors were charging prices as their will.
Vendors also claimed that prices are fallen because of buyers’ crises.
The price of potato increased to Tk.25-30 a kg. Prices of potato were Tk. 20-25 before Eid. Prices of onion are also unchanged.
Traders said because of cold storage yet to reopen for Eid the prices of potato is slightly higher than the normal time. It will take a few days to come down as the previous level.
Summer vegetables like snake gourd, sponge gourd, were selling at Tk. 50-70 a kg and bitter gourd at Tk65-80 a kg on Friday.
Eggplants prices were higher as before Eid. Eggplants are being sold at Tk. 50-60 a kg. The price cucumber, radish, chilli remained unchanged.
On Friday, Chili was offered Tk. 80 per kg; pointed gourd is being sold at Tk. 50-60 per kg. Tomato prices were Tk.120. A gourd is being sold at Tk. 35-40 apiece. Pumpkin also sold at the same price.
A vegetable vendor told this reporter that the prices of vegetables have jumped after Eid amid a shortage of supply.
Every year, after the Eid festival meat market appeared unrest but this year it has happened exception. Beef is still being sold at the price of Eid.
However, the same image also found at the fish market. Only a few fish vendors opened their shops. Hilsa, Ruhi, Katla, Sorputi were available in the markets, but the prices are higher.
Large size lobster is being sold at Tk. 1000 per kg. Medium-sized hilsa was selling at Tk500-800. Rui fish prices are Tk. 250-260 a kg; tilapia is being sold at Tk.130 per kg. Katla fish prices are Tk. 260.
Prices of broiler chicken and garlic witnessed a slight low in capitals’ kitchen market while imported garlic saw a hike of Tk 3-4 per kg.
However, traders said with the announcement of Government after the budget for the financial year 2018-19 importers and local millers increased the wholesale prices of rice and it already affecting the retail markets in the city. The Government reinstated 28 percent import duty on the staple in the budget. – Staff Reporter