Development of Bangladesh and real democracy

I always try to express gratitude to journalists because they reveal to us many import news and issues, though right now, they are unable to report against corruption of the members of ruling party. It has been noticed that a few days ago the agriculture minister took floor several times in the Parliament as Prothom Alo reported against corruption in a project of Jhenaidah.966 crore taka has been siphoned to various countries of the world in 2013. The lead economist Dr. Zahid of World Bank told us that corruption has increased. Now BNP is no more in power for about a decade.  who has then siphoned off the money? Another thing is every child of Bangladesh now has a debt of 26000 taka on his shoulder as against taka 9000 in 2001.
However, it is noticed that posters with pictures of many local leaders including central leaders mentioning development of Bangladesh (desh opratirodho gatite agie chalehe) have flooded all the public places
But, we got the real picture from the statement of Sultana Kamal:  “ now we have to speak carefully”. Democracy is stake!
Mawduda Hasnin