Digital Bangladesh, achievements made far

Digital Bangladesh was one of the key issues for Awami League urge to be voted to power. If we see how much the ruling party has done, apparently they have worked on it. But the reality is different. To develop a country rapidly a lot has to be done for the education purpose. We cannot see any textbook either in Bangla or English in the NCTB website. We do not get even curriculum in English. No Bangla Academy dictionary in the website.
A few digital content are found in the website. A few sample video clips on lessons in each subject can be uploaded in the website for developing teachers as well for use by students. Most of the schools have got laptops,computers and multimedia but most of teachers can not use those. In almost all schools classrooms are not suitable for using multimedia, and safety is a prime concern.
Teacher shortage in both the government private primary and secondary schools has been reported for a long time. Lack of quality teachers is a great concern in non-government school and colleges.
Recruitment of qualified treachers is an very important to impart quality education at the schoola. Teachers should, therefore, be recruited through the Public Service Commission.
Mawduda Hasnin