Enjoying the spring as the temperature rises

–Monowara Begum Moni from Stuttgart
After work “enjoy the sunshine”. it is for many “off to outside”, as here at the Stuttgart Schloss Platz, the main downtown of South West Germany.it is only early spring. Which has started on 24th March 2018. Germans are fed up with cold. It’s nice to get outside without heavy winter clothes. This year in March 2018 average temperature was -0.4 degrees, which is 2.5 degrees lower.
Astronomically, summer begins with the summer solstice: the time when the sun is vertically above the tropic and the days are the longest. In the northern hemisphere, this will happen on 21 June, in the southern hemisphere on 21 or 22 December.
The summer ends with the autumnal equinox on September 22 or 23 in the north and on March 20 or in the night of March 21 in the south.
Then the days get shorter and the nights longer.
June, July and August are the hottest months of each year. It is not for nothing that summer holidays, holidays and the outdoor swimming pool season fall into this period. Incidentally, the summer ends on 23 September 2018 from a calendar point of view.
The color of magnificent flowers invite the people for the Perfect break, to stay outside at least for per hours!