Find out flaws in judgments: CJ to judges

Noting that there are flaws in the judgments of judges, Chief Justice SK Sinha on Sunday urged senior lawyers to find out those and make constructive criticisms of those.“I’m openly saying here there’re flaws in the judgments that we deliver. I myself find flaws in my verdicts. When I look at my judgments delivered one or two years ago, I through what I wrote,” he wondered.
The Chief Justice said this while inaugurating a book fair at the Supreme Court Bar Association auditorium.
Sinha also lamented that no lawyer detects the flaws in any judgment, posing a question, “Why do the lawyers not write on this? I’m urging them to make constructive criticisms of our flaws. I’ll welcome this.”
He also announced to build a library with the savings of his entire life and urged all to develop a habit of reading books.
Supreme Court Bar Association arranged the book fair.