Four pirates lynched by mob

Four pirates were killed in a mob attack after a gunfight between
rival pirate-groups in the Meghna estuary at Char Jahiruddin-Teliar
Char area under Tajumuddin upazila on Saturday night.
Local fishermen handed over nine people to Charfession police station
under Bhola district early Sunday suspected them to be pirate gang
The lynched pirate gang members were identified as Joynal alias
Speaker, 53, pirate ringleader of ‘Speaker Bahini’ and son of Oli
Bepari; Salauddin, 26, son of Mohiuddin, from Ramgati upazila of
Luxmipur districts; Giasuddin, 35, son of Alu Majhi from Kalagachhiya
of Monpura under Bhola district and the linchpin of ‘Gias Bahini’ of
the Manpura area and his associate Jahir alias Dhuya Jahir or Gama
Jahir, 35, son of Zebol Huq from Baliakandi under Tajumuddin upazila
of Bhola district and.

Mahbubur Rahman, officer in charge of Tajumuddin police station, said
more than 200 rounds gunshots fired in gunfight and police recovered
one gun, two rounds unused cartridges and some sharp weapons from the
Sub Inspector Abul Bashar of Tajumuddin police station Sunday morning
lodged two separate cases (case no. 2 and 3, dated 7-7-13) in
connection of arms recovery and murder by lynching the pirates. More
than five hundred villagers and pirates have been accused in the
murder case.
Sub Inspector Humayun Kabir of Tajumuddin police station visiting the
spot said pirate gangs of Meghna estuary, coastal areas and bay are
tring to spread their supremacy over the Hilsa fishing zone targeting
the Hilsa netting season.
Pirates of Speaker Bahini and Gias Bahini were engaged in gunfight in
different areas of Hatiya under Luxmipur and adjacent Char Jahiruddin
area of Tajumuddin under Bhola district from Saturday noon creating
panic among the fishermen.
Both groups, taking shelter on Teliar Char under Tajumuddin at
Saturday evening, continued their gunfight till ending ammunition.
Then local people and fishermen cordoned both groups at about 8:00 pm
and nabbing the four pirates lynched them, police sources claimed.
The four lynched pirates were wanted in more than four dozen cases
lodged with different police stations of Bhola and Luxmipur districts.
Their bodies were recovered from Master Bazaar of Teliar Char under
Tajumuddin police station and sent to Bhola Sadar hospital for autopsy
Sunday, the OC Tajumuddin police station said.
Abul Bashar, Charfession police station in charge, said local people
of Samraj Ghat area  detained Mohiuddin, 31, Firoz, 26, Rubel, 20,
Aktar, 26, Salauddin, 22, Milon, 22, Sahabuddin, 26, Salauddin 2, 26,
and Kader, 26, of Nurabad union of Charfession  upazila with a trawler
and at about 12:30 am Sunday.
They were handed over to police at 1:00 am Sunday, OC Charfession PS said.
However the detained nine claimed themselves as innocent fishermen.
Although leaders of pirate gangs Speaker Bahini and Gias Bahini were
killed, but still the other pirate gangs led by Waziullah, Kalam,
Swapan are active in the estuary, coast and bay areas and their
activities need to be curbed as early as possible to ensure safety and
security of the fishermen and fishing, local people said. -Our

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