Free country from corruption, drug abuse, militancy: PM

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Sunday asked the Home Ministry to work with greater attention to root out drug abuse, terrorism, militancy and corruption from the country as that is the necessity of time.
“If we want to develop the country, we’ve to free it from drug abuse, terrorism, militancy and corruption…I ask the officials working in this ministry (Home) to give a special attention to these matters,” she said.The Prime Minister said this in her introductory speech while holding a views-exchange meeting during her visit to the Home Ministry.
She said corruption has spread in society as a ‘black disease’ and this started when military dictators had ruled the country.Sheikh Hasina mentioned that once militancy had got indirect state patronage and she said she does not know why the then governments had patronised militancy in the country.
“We’ve to free this society from these black diseases, we’ll do whatever is needed for this…this is the necessity of time,” she said.The Prime Minister said the drive against drugs will continue and asked the Home Ministry to intensify it.
She also put emphasis on finding out the sources of drugs, their suppliers and carriers. “You’ve to take multi-faced steps in this regard.”Sheikh Hasina also stressed the importance of giving scope to the drug addicts who wants to return to the mainstream of society by giving up drugs.
She asked the Home Ministry officials to create public awareness against drugs and militancy and that will be best option to eliminate the menaces from society.The Prime Minister also asked all to stay more alert about corruption as this evil element put hurdles in the way to the development of a society.
Emphasising the use of modern technologies to curb crimes and catch criminals, Hasina said the world is adapting to newer technologies every day.She asked the officials concerned to find out the main reason why a person gets involved in criminal activities, and bring back them to the mainstream of society though rehabilitation.
Terming traffic congestions a big problem, the Prime said both drivers and people are responsible for the traffic snarl.She requested people to use footbridges or underpasses and obey traffic rules to avoid accidents on roads.She directed the police to take steps so that people follow traffic rules properly.

source: UNB