Graft in service, health sectors down: TIB

Corruption and harassment have come down in Bangladesh’s service and health sectors in comparison to the last year, says the local chapter of Transparency International.

A total of 55.83pc household complained of falling prey to graft of any form, according to the National Household Survey-2012 published by the Transparency International, Bangladesh at a press conference in CIRDAP auditorium on Friday.

This figure stood at 84.2pc in 2010.

The report said the tendency to pay bribe increased ‘alarmingly’ in the current financial year – involving a net exchange of Tk 219.556-billion in underhand dealings. This amount is equivalent to 13.6pc of the national budget for 2011-12 and over 2pc of Bangladesh’s GDP in the same fiscal.

The TIB report stated that a total of 63.07pc of household receiving services have fallen prey to corruption.

The Berlin-based anti-graft watchdog said the biennial survey had been conducted six times till now since 1997.

The report included outcome of survey in 13 service sectors conducted between May 2011 and April 2012, and household study from May 15 to Jul 4 this year.

TIB’s Research and Policy Director Mohammad Rafiqul Hasan disclosed that highest 77pc recipients fell prey to graft (of any one form or the other) in labour and immigration services.

In all, 75.08pc recipients – second highest in the list – were victims of graft in law and order sector.

Next to come was land administration at 59pc and then judicial sector at 57.1pc, to be followed by the health, education, local government, agriculture, power, taxes, banking, insurance and NGO sectors.

TIB mentioned that over 28pc ‘decrease’ in the figure was due to awareness of people, anti-graft trainings to government officials, use of technology and responsible contributions of elected individuals in local government institutions.

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