Group watercolour exhibition at Galleri Kaya

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A group watercolour exhibition titled “Soaked in Paper” is now on at Galleri Kaya in Uttara. The exhibition features watercolour by renowned and promising Bangladeshi artists like Murtaja Baseer, Hashem Khan, Rafiqun Nabi, Hamiduzzaman Khan, Chandra Shekhar Dey, Ratan Majumder, Jamal Ahmed, Kazi Rakib, Ranjit Das, Ahmed Shamsuddoha, Masuda Kazi, Goutam Chakraborty, Mohammad Iqbal, Aloptogin Tushar, Anisuzzaman Anis, Azmeer Hossain, Kamaluddin, Shohag Parvez, Shahanoor Mamun and others.
Nature has always been artists’ greatest source of inspirations. They always try to communicate with nature. The painters feel that the nature has an endless source of splendor, mystery and anonymity. They find inspiration in the elaborate detailing of glimpses like light filtering through the leaves, sound of river’s wave, the silence of nature, a drop of rain, singing crickets, dense foliage, the play of light and shadow in nature, flora and fauna as well as many others. Each of these elements contains a new story for the artists.
Our artists have great passions for demonstrating the splendour of natures, serene environments, riverine lives, cloudy skies and pastoral areas. At the show, the watercolours are outstanding in terms of their private techniques and in crafting the effects of water. Most of their (watercolourists) techniques are predominantly based on soft wash and thin hues. They try to control the medium with their personal techniques. They prefer seasonal changes, tranquil landscapes, sailing boats, blossoming flowers, ponds, mustard- green fields and more. Some watercolours are very much connected to humans’ affection, ecstasy, anguish and isolation. Some of the watercolours can be explained in many ways where one can find the touch of mysticism; some can get the taste of harmony, melancholy or despair.
Md Mahbub ur Rahman, Deputy CEO and Country Head of Wholesale Banking, HSBC Bangladesh and Indian art historian Pranab Ranjan Ray jointly graced the inaugural ceremony.
The exhibition will continue tillMarch 12.