Hold talks with pol parties to avoid bloodshed: Oli Ahmed

Dhaka, Oct 23 – President of Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) Oli Ahmed on Tuesday called upon the government to take immediate steps for talks with political parties to avoid bloodshed over the upcoming general election.“The days ahead will be very difficult ones. There’ll be more disorder and bloodshed with the passage of time. The opposition parties must exercise restraint while the government must be liberal,” he said.
Oli further said, “I would like to urge Bangabandhu’s daughter to avoid bloodshed for a free and fair election. The problem will not be resolved by hurling abusive or issuing threats. Hold talks (to resolve the problem).”
He came up with the remarks at a programme at Tejgaon office of LDP, one of the components of the BNP-led 20-party alliance.
Oli also urged the government to soften its stance on the next general election to show people the path of light.
The LDP president also said the participation of all parties is necessary for ensuring a fair and credible election.
He said people will determine which party should rule the country through a participatory election. “The government will have to be more liberal in this regard.”
The LDP leader also warned the government that people will not allow it to cling onto power by holding another ‘lopsided’ election. – UNB