Housewives in Barisal city election race

Thirty, two-thirds of 45 candidates contesting in 10 seats reserved for female councilors in 30 wards under Barisal City Corporation,
introduced themselves as housewifes in profession criteria.Even they became active in election propagation for themselves, family members or for candidates of their choice.
From the the rest 15 female candidates for reserved seats, 2 introduced themselves as students, 4 as business entrepreneurs, one as NGO workers, one as kindergarten teacher, one as lawyear but six mentioned nothing.
However from educational status three only have literacy knowledge, sixteen  read up to class VIII, two up to class III, two up to class
V, six passed SSC, seven  passed HSC, eight  passed degree and one advocate-ship.
Rabeya Khatun, president Mohila Parishad Barisal branch, haling the participation of more house wives  in contesting local government election, said it proved that our family outlooks towards females changing ignoring the dogmatism of conservative socio-religious leaders.
We hope that more well educated women will come forward to serve the society with responsibility in future, told Begum Faizun Nahar, regional secretary of Bangladesh Girl Guides Association Barisal region.
Mentionable the third BCC election would be held on June 15 and one female councilor seat reserved from every three-ward of the 30 wards of the city

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