Jamaat calls countrywide daylong hartal today

Jamaat-e-Islami has called countrywide daylong hartal for Monday protesting the jailing and fining of 3 Jamaat leaders for making derogatory remark on war trial.Earlier in the day, International Crime Tribunal-2 fined and jailed three leaders of Jamaat-e-Islami for their derogatory remarks on ongoing ICT trial and the warnings of ‘Civil War.
The tribunal sentenced Jamaat Acting Secretary General Rafiqul Islam Khan and central Working Council member Hamidur Rahman Azad for three months imprisonment and also fined Tk 3,000 each, in default, to suffer two weeks more imprisonment.
The ICT-2 also ordered Dhaka city unit Jamaat assistant secretary general Selim Uddin to stay at the court as long as the court proceedings continue.
The three-member ICT-2 led by Justice Obaidul Hasan passed the order.
Earlier on June 2, Selim appeared before the tribunal and sought unconditional apology for similar offence.
He also sought apology in his written explanation.
Earlier on February 7, ICT-2, in a suo-moto order, summoned the three Jamaat leaders to explain of their threatening of ‘civil war’, and controversial comment on ICT on February 20.
The tribunal also asked to explain why punitive action shouldn’t be taken against them.
Mentioning newspaper report, ICT-2 said, “These two leaders, in their speech on February 4, threatened ICT and government of civil war.”
The tribunal said, “They also made some controversial remarks over ICT which are tantamount to court contempt.” (Source: Banglanews2.com)

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