Khaleda concerned as Food supply to her office remains blocked

Food supply to Khaleda Zia’s Gulshan office was obstructed for the third time on Thursday compelling those staying there to survive on dry foods, it is reliably learnt. Bnp chairperson Begum Khaleda Zia who along with a number of Bnp leaders and activists plus her office staff have been staying at the office since January 03 when restrictions on her movement started to be imposed, has expressed concern at the development.
On duty plainclothes police obstructed supply of cooked food to the office on Wednesday evening, they continued to do so on Thursday morning and afternoon, sources said. Khaleda Zia has distributed dates and puffed rice to those staying at the office along with her.Shamsuddin Didar member of Khaleda Zia’s media team has said that police was also not allowing journalists to enter the office. On Thursday a number of journalists tried to enter the office but were sent back by on duty police.
Assistant Police Commissioner Mukhtaruzzaman has been quoted to have told police that they themselves did not know the reason for obstructing food supply, and also cannot state anything beyond that.