Mixed reactions to budget in Sylhet

Announced national budget created mixed reactions in Sylhet, as
proposed budget may ‘widen rich-poor gap’ and create frustrations
among the investors.
Most  leaders of the business community and professional organisations
termed the proposed new budget “over-ambitious and not pro-people” and
will fail to “reduce poverty”.
The budget also be failed to get any special allocation for the
climate change affected disaster-prone, less industrialised poor
southern areas, the regional leaders observed.
Most of the business community leaders  said increase of interest
against corporate and investment loans in proposed budget is
anti-investment and will fail to be implemented, prioritizing and
focusing  on needs, prospects and regional issues.
A sustainable plus balanced regional development requires a need-based
allocation of budget according to the size of population in an area
and to be prepared on the basis of grass root level suggestions and
resources, SUST, chief of economixes department Hasanuzzaman said. The
proposed budget for 2013-14 fiscal years will only add to the
discrimination between the poor and rich and make the rich richer and
the poor poorer, said Shohidul Islam, former president of Sylhet
district BAR council.
However,  Sylhet district AL President, Abduj Johir Chowdhury Sufian
welcomed the announced budget and expressed that the budget has more
allocations for agricultural sector, extended income-tax level and
given evasion of taxes from many essential items used by common
BNP leader Nasim Hossain said that it is not a proper budget for the
welfare of mass people.
(Our Correspondent)

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