Muhith sees 6.03% GDP growth

Finance Minister Abul Mal Abdul Muhith categorically said that the growth of gross domestic product (GDP) would not go below 6.3 percent in the current fiscal year.He came up with the assertion with while addressing a meeting at his ministry on Thursday morning.
The minister said “The prediction of Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS) on GDP growth has some mistakes.”
“I think that the overall economic management of the government in the current fiscal year was satisfactory. So, the GDP growth will be attained minimum 6.03 percent and it may reach 6.06 to 6.08 percent,” he added.
Meanwhile, Muhith also said “Budget will be highly ambitious. BBS, in its calculation, couldn’t give the prediction accurately about potato, Boro and maize production. On the contrary, the expenditure of Annual Development Programme was also satisfactory. So the GDP rate prediction of BBS is not correct.” (

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