Nothing will go unchallenged in Parliament: Moudud

BNP lawmaker Barrister Moudud Ahmed on Monday warned the ruling party saying that the opposition in Parliament might be small in size, but nothing will go unchallenged.“Don’t make any derogatory remarks on Shaheed Zia, Khaleda Zia and Tarique Rahman. We’ll give you appropriate answers,” he said while speaking on the supplementary budget in the House.
Moudud assured the ruling party lawmakers that the opposition lawmakers will not make any derogatory remarks about any leaders of the ruling party.
“But if you do, I can tell you nothing will go unchallenged,” he said and sought active and kind consideration from the chair in the matter.
Talking about the participation of the opposition in Parliament, the front ranking BNP leader said that the opposition wanted to be in the House. “Staying of the opposition lawmakers in Parliament will depend solely on the ruling party lawmakers and the Speaker.”
He said that there is nothing to worry about BNP senior vice chairman Tarique Rahman. “He will return to the country when the time will come.”
Questioning the neutrality of the judiciary during the tenure of the present government, Barrister Moudud said: “Judiciary is independent, but not the judges.”
He also said that democracy was prevailing in the country, but in a limited form. “You want democracy, but don’t want the opposition. It seems you don’t want proper democracy in the country.”
He said press freedom in the country is being hindered by the government. The former Law Minister in the BNP-Jamaat alliance government criticised the Awami League-led government for their “repeated failures to contain the misdeeds” of the AL’s associate organisations Bangladesh Chhatra League and Jubo League.
“In the recent past, I told several times that we don’t need to do anything after what the Chhatra League is doing. They’ll destroy the government’s reputation,” he said.
Moudud questioned the government’s attitude towards its associate organisations when they unleashed reign of terror on the opposition. “Why are you protecting them when they are oppressing us?”
He termed the last four and half years of the present government as a black chapter in the history of the country.
The BNP leader made mention of the share market scam, quick rental dilemma, Destiny and Hallmark scam, Padma Bridge graft, failure to handle the issues like Tipaimukh Dam and sharing water of Teesta river, and the autocratic rule to oppress the opposition leaders and workers. (Source: UNB)

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