Omniprocessor-a new water treatment machine!

Janicki Bioenergy with the funding of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation recently built a magical machine – the Omniprocessor which is capable of transforming sewage into potable water. The machine not only produces clean drinking water but electricity as well.
Microsoft founder Bill Gates has reportedly tasted the clean drinking water produced by the Omniprocessor from sewer sludge! The machine’s real world applications will be tested in Senegal later this year.If Omniprocessor found effective in treating waste and unclean water then it would initiate a revolution in ensuring clean drinking water supply in the developing countries.
I think, in Bangladesh Omniprocessor can do a miracle in producing and providing clean drinking water because we have a lot of water bodies like ponds and ditches containing unclean water.
Yours truly,
Professor M Zahidul Haque
Department of Agricultural Extension & Information System
Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural University