Barisal Workers Party office ransacked, 8 activists hurt in attack

Workers Party office ransacked and 8 activists injured by attack of alliance partner Awami League activists at Sarbahara-prone Agorpur union under Babuganj upazila of Barisal district.The incident was happened at about 10:00 PM Friday night after WP activists held a rally protesting fish farming of AL activists by blocking river channel.WP lawmaker Advocate Sheikh Md. Tipu Sultan acknowledging the facts of attacking and ransacking WP office said a protest rally against that attack held on Saturday afternoon at Agorpur.This protest rally was addressed among others by Sheikh Md. Tipu Sultan, WP lawmaker, Prof. Nazrul Huq Nilu, T M Shahjahan, Shantiranjan Das, Prof Isahuq Sharif, Enayet Karim Faruk, Kazi Shah Alam, leaders of central, district and other units of WP. Luthful Kabir Sabuj, injured secretary of Agorpur union WP, about the AL-led attack on their party office and activists, said they held a rally in front of union WP office at Agorpur Bazaar on Friday afternoon.The meeting was addressed among others local lawmaker Advocate Sheikh Md. Tipu Sultan of WP, Prof. Nazrul Huq Nilu, secretary of district WP and upazila, union level WP leaders. In the rally speakers and participated WP leaders and activists condemned the political violence in the name of blockade and strike by BNP-Jamaat led 20-party alliance. They also protested blocking of Arial kha river in the area for fish farming by alliance partner AL leaders and activists. After the rally and departure of the WP lawmaker and district level leaders, a procession of WP activists marched on the roads chanting slogans on the issues at about 8:00 PM.WP activists chanted slogans in the procession protesting blocking river flow for fish farming led by alliance partner upazila chairman and AL secretary, former Sarbahara leader Khalid Hossain Swapan at about 8:00 PM.This role of WP activists made the AL activists agitated.More than 30 AL activists led by Shahid, Azizul, Abbas, Halim Bepari attacked and ransacked the union WP office in presence of upazila chairman and AL secretary , former Sarbahara leader Khalid Hossain at about 10:00 PM Friday night, the witnesses said. In that attack WP activists Luthful Kabir Sabuj, Dhalu Khan, Yusuf Ali, Khokon, Abul Hasem and 3 others were injured by chopping and beating of AL workers.Furniture, doors, windows also damaged by the attackers, said WP leader Luthful Kabir Sabuj.Injured WP leaders and activists treated at adjacent Baherchar health complex. After the incident RAB and police teams visited the spot strengthening patrol in the area. Shah E Alam, Babuganj police station officer in charge, said none lodged any allegation in this connection till this report and legal action would also be taken only after lodging case. Babuganj upazila chairman and AL secretary, former Sarbahara leader Khalid Hossain, denying his involvement with the attack and allegation of fish farming by blocking river flow, said he did not know who attacked and damaged the WP office. The WP lawmaker alleged that upazila chairman and AL secretary, former Sarbahara leader Khalid Hossain and his followers consisted sixty percent, local freedom fighter AL activists were twenty percent and local influential were twenty percent partners of fish farming project by blocking river flow. Barisal Correspondent