President tells JS of Govt’s successes, efficient management

Terming the Jatiya Sangsad (JS) as the centre-point of all activities of the country, President Abdul Hamid today urged all to play a constructive and effective role in the JS for materialising the aspirations of the people.
Addressing the inaugural session 2015 of the Parliament in his 94-page speech, the President highlighted present government’s activities and successes in different areas, including economy, trade and commerce, agriculture, power, foreign relations, tourism, education, health, good governance, women and children development, sports and youth development, rural development, expatriates’ welfare, science and technology, ICT and public administration.The session began with Speaker Dr Shirin Sharmin Chaudhury in the chair. Leader of the House Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and Opposition leader Raushan Ershad were present during the President’s speech.
Abdul Hamid said functioning within a democratic structure, the present government has undertaken all-out initiatives to ensure transparency and accountability, remain respectful to human rights and the rule of law, take prompt decision for resolving problems and implement them and materialise the nation’s dream and hope for advancement towards growth.
Upholding constitutional processes, the present government is running the country with a view to overcoming the challenges of maintaining the progress of democracy, he added.
“The government is making relentless efforts to establish good governance in the country attaching utmost importance to promotion of democracy, consolidation of the rule of law, maintenance of social peace and achievements of economic growth,” said the President.
He said the present government assumed responsibility amid political unrest, arson, vandalism, assault and killing launched by some political parties in the name of movement.
Immediately after assumption of responsibility, the present government has taken initiatives and firm steps to establish the rule of law in the country, he said, adding that Bangladesh is now known to the world as a state of emerging economy owing to efficient management of the government.
About the economic situation, Abdul Hamid said despite the initial turmoil and uncertainty through the fiscal year2013-14, the per capita income has risen to US$ 1190 and by the end of November 2014 the inflation rate was brought down to 6.21 percent.
The Present government is firmly pledge-bound to eliminate all forms of terrorism and militancy from the country and to fulfill this pledge all-out efforts are being made in continuation of the steps taken by the previous government of grand alliance and as a result, destructive activities have been brought under control brining relief to the lives of the people.
On foreign relations, the President said Bangladesh has been successful in improving bilateral relations with neighbouring countries and in international diplomacy. The government has been continuing its unending efforts to preserve and widen rights of Bangladesh on important global issues, he added.
Abdul Hamid said the government of grand alliance made relentless efforts in its previous tenure to build a country free from hunger, poverty and exploitation by leaving behind mismanagement and inefficiency of the past era. In continuation of that, the present government has carried on the march towards development, he added.
He said the Bengali nation is again required to forge a unwavering unity to uphold the glorious independence obtained at a cost of three million lives and illuminate the spirit of the great war of liberation, consolidate democracy, uphold the rule of law and development of a Golden Bengal as dreamt by the Father of the Nation by establishing a society free from exploitation.
“We can repay our debt stained with the blood of millions of martyrs only if we enhance the pace of democratisation and socioeconomic development ignoring the differences of parties, doctrines, or ways regardless of cast, creed and religion. In this noble endeavour, we must achieve fullest complete success,”  said the President. – BSS