Stop killings, repression on opposition, 20-Party to police

BNP-led 20-party alliance yesterday called upon the law enforcers to stop extra judicial killing, refrain from carrying out repression on opposition leaders and activists, injuring innocent people by shooting at them, mass arrest, conducting raids in homes of activists and to arrest government-backed terrorists.
“Despite the call if any single incident of extra judicial killing occurs, repression, enforced disappearance and abduction are not stopped, the perpetrators involved in such incidents would have to face stern action in future,” said the 20-party alliance in a statement.
The press statement signed by BNP vice chairman Selima Rahman also warned that the killers, repressors and their collaborators would not be spared anymore in future.

The 20-party alliance also called upon the people as well as its leaders and workers from central to grassroots levels to monitor each step of the law enforcing agencies and enlist those involved in different misdeeds including killing, repression on opposition and playing anti-people role.
“You (20-party activists) will collect necessary information and evidence. Proper action will be taken against them in future,” 20-party alliance made the call a statement yesterday.
The statement also called upon the human rights organisations and international agencies to draw attention to the extra judicial killings.
It said the reputation, tradition and impartiality of law enforcing agencies are being destroyed and have come under questions at home and aboard for violation of law, impartiality and human rights by some partisan and overenthusiastic officials.
“Such incidents have put uncertainties over glorious participation of our law enforcers in the UN peacekeeping missions,” said the statement.
It alleged that the ruling party has handed over the responsibility of the law enforcing agencies to some partisan, disputed, loyal and beneficiary officials with an ill motive to use the state forces as their guards and gangsters to cling to power illegally.
“The government has become desperate to cling to power by snatching all rights of the people, carrying out repression, killing and bloodshed…The isolated government has become totally dependent on the law enforcers agencies that are assigned to protect the law and order,” said the statement.
Terming police, RAB and BGB as forces of the people, the statement said the 20-party movement is not against them rather against what is said the illegal government.
The 20-party called upon the law enforcers to be cautious and work utilising their good sense and justice after evaluating the prevailing situation in the country.
“Our movement is to restore democracy, rights of people, rule of law and human rights. It is also to establish a pro-people government after holding a free fair poll,” said the statement.
The alliance termed the prevailing crisis political one and said it should be resolved politically. The law enforcers should understand it that the government is pushing the law enforcing agencies against the movement through conspiracy and manipulation, it added.
It called upon the members of the law enforcers not to be used as hammers in implementing the evil design of the government to carryout repression on the opposition.
The alliance alleged that the ruling party people caught with petrol bombs by police were let off instead of being charged and law enforcing agencies cannot take any step against them.
On the other hand, it alleged, the opposition activists are being implicated in fabricated charge without proper investigation and documents. Many of them are being killed in the name of cross fire and many others being left injured and maimed by shooting on their knees and bodies.
Bodies of opposition activists and unidentified people are found here and there. Killing and enforced disappearance have turned into a regular pheonmena, said the statement.
The alliance assured the law enforcers that if any of them is affected unlawfully in discharging their duties would be rehabilitated with their due status in future. – Staff Reporter